Replacement Parts


You need your guns and magazines to be easily accessible, but also secure. Even with the best gear parts can wear out or get lost. Whether you need to upgrade attachment points or secure rigging more effectively, Concealment Solutions offers gun holster hardware and replacement parts for all kinds of carry rigs. We have parts designed to be as tough and long lasting as OEM parts. Our gun holster clips will fit most types of CCW equipment. At Concealment Solutions, we rigorously quality control test before we ever offer and item for sale. If we test something and it does not hold up under heavy use, we won’t put it on the market until it passes our standards. The Mamba and Cobra hardware kits are some of the toughest for purchase.

Our CCW holster replacement parts are designed to fit securely and without rough edges that may snag, hang or cause friction on skin, clothes or leather. If you are not sure which type of hardware kit to order, call us. We offer parts to replace belt clips for holsters and belt loops for holding your tactical gear. Match the hardware kits to belt clips, loops or a Tek Lok or Molle Lok for the best results.

All of our replacement equipment comes with a 30-day trial guarantee. You test our gear. If it does not hold up under your shooting conditions, you get a full refund. Visit our guarantee page for full details.