Off Body and Pocket Carry


There are instances when you can’t keep your firearm concealed close to your body. Perhaps you prefer to keep it within reach in a purse, briefcase, or backpack. At Concealment Solutions, we carry CCW pocket holsters and off-body choices to meet your needs. Using a standard holster may prevent the weapon from being readily available. With an off-body holster you get the firm fit of a regular holster with unsurpassed accessibility.

For an adaptable kydex pocket holster, try our Pocket Viper model. These are a minimalist approach that offers a modern design that stays secure when drawing your firearm. Our pocket carry holsters are available for a wide range of guns and are handcrafted for reliability and lasting capability. For any questions relating to inventory or needed recommendations, contact us at 385-208-8914. We will gladly assist you in making an educated purchasing decision.