Posted by Jason Christensen on Oct 26th 2023

Why do you need a good gun belt?

Your holster is only as good as the belt you hang it on. If you think about it, your belt is the foundation for your everyday carry items. Just like building a home, if the foundation is not stable it won't matter how good the construction of the home is. We have all seen well built homes crumble into sinking foundations. Your EDC gear is no different.

Here are a few things to look for to get the most from your gear.

  1. You want a firm foundation
  2. It needs to be comfortable
  3. It needs to be convenient to use
  4. It doesn’t have to expensive but don’t cheap out either

gun belt

A good carry belt needs to support the weight of your chosen carry gun, one or two spare magazines, and possibly a couple other things like a flashlight and/or multitool. Whatever EDC gear you choose your belt needs to support the weight. If you find yourself regularly hiking up your pants or pulling your holster back into place, your belt is the problem. It may just need to be tightened a little but more than likely you need a better belt for what you are carrying.

There are a lot of options out there from traditional leather to super complex layered webbing belts with extra straps, velcro and buckle systems. Here are a couple ideas to keep it simple but effective. The idea that bigger is better doesn’t necessarily translate here. I recommend sticking with a 1.5” wide belt. It will fit through standard belt loops and just about every pair of pants you have in your drawer. Going wider isn’t necessary to support the weight of a gun and the standard gear that most of us carry on a daily basis.

Look for something with a stiffener. There are all kinds of reinforced belts out there. I have been using a polymer stiffener in the belts we produce at Concealment Solutions for the past 12 years with great results. It doesn’t make the belt overly bulky, provides plenty of additional stiffness while comfortably following the natural curves of your body, and has proven to be nearly indestructible.

Many belts have buckles that require you to weave the tail of the belt through to tighten. In my experience these can be tough to “fine tune” for the perfect fit. They are also difficult if you find you need to let a little out, say after an hour at the local buffet, or to micro adjust down for just a tad bit more support. While developing our Python EDC and EDC2 belts my search for the perfect buckle landed on a buckle that uses a cam lock system that allows easy adjustment coupled with a quick release system for quick in and out without adjusting the fit of the belt. The all metal construction will keep it going strong year after year.

If you are looking for a more traditional look our Classic Python gun belts are a great option. The 1.5” leather belt comes with our polymer stiffener and the buckle can be replaced with one you already have and love. There are also two horsehide options, 1.5” and 1.25” for those looking for a more business look.

Our belts are simple, effective, and will leave you wondering why you waited so long to get one. And they won't break the bank. So if you’re tired of fighting to keep your crack covered while carrying, do yourself a favor and invest a few bucks in a belt that was made to do what you are asking it to.