Outside the Waistband (OWB)


If you prefer to carry outside the waist. Concealment Solutions offers the best OWB holsters designed to carry all the most popular firearms all the way from the classic 1911 to today’s subcompacts. Pick your gun, then pick the most concealable OWB holster that suits the way you want to carry. We have slim-line leather OWB holsters for a quick draw and trigger protection and two full-barrel-length models for the best protection for your sidearm. All holsters come in right- or left-hand draw.

From 3 gun shoots to bunny hunting to self-defense you know the need to pack some extra ammo. Concealment Solutions has three different magazine carriers for your AR and pistol mags. The Chameleon comes with a Teck Lok or Molle Lock. For just a few dollars, get the AR mag carrier to fit Molle and Teck in the same holster. Because more mags are always a good idea, the Sidewinder comes in two versions. The double mag lets you pack two extra handgun mags and attaches with belt loops. The other version allows an extra handgun mag and a flashlight for high-security and low light situations. For maximum concealment our single and double Mamba Mag Carriers provide superior comfort in an inside the waistband carrier.